Friends of Square Pegs

The debut offering of one of SP's member writers - published under a nom de plum (Maise Howard)  
A new (6/1/2018) forum site started as a spin off from Fifty Plus Forum after the site moderation was regarded by the F3A founders to be too oppressive for free expression.  

A spin off from Sagazone in 2009  but now firmly established with a core following and more recently (Feb 2013) the membership much boosted by the closure of Sagazone itself.


A small forum based site born of a Facebook group of the same name - the forum seems to be defunct now as the link does not work so has been removed


The online art site of one of our members (Foggy Photographer) - stunning and innovative visuals.


The premier chat based social networking site for all ages and tastes


An information site providing wide and varied London tube travel days out etc .


The online produce site of one our members ( Lindy Laine)  - the site is presently down but may be revived at some stage.


A large over 50's Joomla based social networking site with over 5000 members


A recent forum site set up in the wake of the collapse of Sagazone as a gathering place for those left stranded.


Another recent newly set up forum site to target the displaced members of Sagazone.
Based on the  Invision Power Board platform ( the site is now closed but the domain is retained and now points to as yet unassigned ZetaBoards server)