About Square Pegs

Square Pegs UK, as it is now, started life as Overspillers.net   as an over 50's membership site namely http://overspillers.net back in February 2009.
I'd joined Sagazone in February 2008 as a member and got the idea to start my own forum based web site for the over 50's along Sagazone lines but wanted to do the web site construction the hard way and possibly learn something along the way in the process.
In due course overspillers.net was unleashed on the virtual world , the cryptic domain name actually originating from  a long running general chat topic on Sagazone of roughly the same name.
Overspillers.net  lasted 2 years and more before I decided to close it ,  the membership activity had dropped to all time low, people would join but then not post and disappear and the general ambience of the place was reminiscent of a ghost town.
The reasons gleaned for this decline were conflicting - one would hear the site "was too much like other sites", then one would hear the site "was too different to other sites" and hence confusing or complicated - so a real mish mash of feedback.
So it was time for a change I thought and  so Square Pegs on Overspillers.net was launched to try and appeal to a wider age as opposed to the sole and sometimes technophobic and less adaptive 0ver 50's mature internet user (silver surfer)  and also to attempt  to offer a wider range of activities to the site members than just a  forum (message boards) based site may, this being the introduction of user groups

User groups are popular on the likes of Facebook etc but then Facebook lacks the main site forum or message board that many users prefer or are accustomed to being present.
The user groups (referenced as 'niches') never really got adopted by the users and although initially seemed to promise much were eventually dropped.

In the latest iteration Squarepegs was moved to its own domain of Squarepeg.UK and left the Overspillers.net domain.

All are welcome here at Square Pegs UK - the nominal minimum age limit is 25 years of age with no upper limit- this assumes that those younger than 25 are well catered for elsewhere on the internet.
Our wish is to provide a wide ranging and interactive platform for our members where hopefully most will find a slot or an online place they can call home - the hook being a square hole for those square pegs out there. 


Andy Brom (aka Ringleader)